Elvinas Jankevičius

Elvinas Jankevičius

Date and place of birth 1 March 1976, Vilnius


1983–1992 attended Vilnius Salomėja Nėris Secondary School
1993–1997 attended Max Planck Gymnasium in Düsseldorf (Germany)
1997–1998 studied economics at Essen University
2004 graduated from Vilnius Pedagogical University (Bachelor‘s Degree of Economics)
2009 in the above University – Master‘s Degree of Sociology (political sociology branch)
Work experience
1998–2000 Joint Stock Company (JSC) „ID-Baltic“, Manager
2000–2002 JSC „Tele 2“, Trade and Distribution Manager
2002–2004 JSC „Mobilios visatos telekomunikacijos“, Trade Director
2004–2006 JSC „Greito maitinimo tinklas“, Director
2007–2008 JSC „S Projektas“, Director
2008–2009 Adviser to the Minister of Health
2009–2010 Assistant of a Member of the Seimas (Parliament) of the Republic of Lithuania
2010–2011 Deputy Director of Vilnius City Municipality Property Department
2011 elected to Varėna District Municipality Council
April 4, 2011 – January 5, 2013 Mayor of Varėna District Municipality
Since 7 January 2013 Vice-minister of the Interior
Social and political activities
Since 2005 Member of the Lithuanian Social Democrats Party
Since 2009 Member of the Council of Lithuanian Social Democrats Party, Chairman of Varėna District Division of Lithuanian Social Democrats Party
Additional information
Family Married, a daughter
Hobbies Fishing, reading, travelling.
Languages English, German, Russian

Areas of responsibility

  • Public governance
  • Civil service
  • Migration (except economic migration)
  • Physical Activity and Sports
  • Coordination and development of the cooperation with international organizations, institutions and agencies of foreign states in the areas of the responsibility of the Ministry of the Interior
  • Coordination of the EU affairs
  • Management of the financial EU aid to Lithuania in the area of internal security
  • Personalization of identity documents   
  • Declaration of residence

Supervised divisions and services

  • Regional Policy Department of the Ministry of the Interior (the EU aid in the area of internal security issues)
  • Public Governance Policy Department of the Ministry of the Interior (except local self-government issues)
  • Public Security Policy Department of the Ministry of the Interior (migration issues)
  • International Cooperation Department of the Ministry of the Interior
  • Personalization of Identity Documents Centre under the Ministry of the Interior  
  • Migration Department under the Ministry of the Interior   
  • Lithuanian Institute of Public Administration
  • State Enterprise „Infostruktūra“
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